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    Stay in shape & feel better in a fraction of the time. Add Interval Training to your exercise routine.

    What is interval training?

    Interval training is simply alternating between bursts of high intensity exercise and low intensity exercise or rest. If you are exercising on a track, for example, run the straight away portions of the track and walk the corners to recover.

    What does interval training do for you?

    Metabolism- High intensity bursts burn more calories during and following exercise- even if you increase intensity for just a few moments.

    Willpower- Research shows individuals are more likely to stick to a workout with an interval training routine. (Recovery breaks are a great thing!)

    Happiness- All types of exercise, including interval training, are proven to boost mood. Avoid pushing past your normal comfort level, because research shows exercising too hard for too long can decrease the mood boosting benefits.

    Avoiding Boredom- Increasing intensity in short intervals can add variety and excitement to an otherwise boring workout routine. As they say, “variety is the spice of life”.

    Time Commitment- Fitting in interval workouts is easier because you can get the same health benefits in a third of the time.

    No Special Equipment Needed- Interval training can be done by simply modifying your current routine.

    Easier on the Body- Interval training adds variety and can be completed in a fraction of the time, which reduces the risk of chronic repetitive stress injuries.

    Interval training tip for beginners

    An easy way to gauge intensity- During high intensity burst it should be difficult to talk or hold conversation due to heavy breathing. During low intensity exercise or rest, recover to a point where it is easy to talk or hold a conversation.

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