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    • 30 OCT 17
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    Avoid Vitamin D Deficiency this winter

    Vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin”, is one of the more common deficiencies. The most natural way to get Vitamin D is from exposure to the sunshine. Our skin takes in UVB rays and synthesizes into D3. This can be harder during the colder months of the year and for this reason it

    • 15 DEC 15
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    Beating the Holiday Stress

    By Amy Morrison Stress is often a by-product of the holidays. The traveling, shopping, parties and general busyness of this time of year can lead to stress and exhaustion. But it doesn’t have to! Stay on top of your health and wellness this year by following some of these helpful tips: 1. Exercise: Burn those

    • 26 OCT 15
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    Apples are practically synonymous with the beginning of fall in the south. But can an apple a day really keep the doctor away? While we can’t guarantee they will, there are some undeniable health benefits of apples that make a good case for themselves. These are just a few reasons you should embrace the abundance

    • 03 AUG 15
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    Soda can be a refreshing beverage on these hot summer days as well as a staple at our barbeques and birthday parties. However, did you know it can create some serious issues on your health? • Weight Drinking one soda a day, which may seem harmless, actually is equivalent to consuming 39 pounds of sugar