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    • 03 AUG 15
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    Soda can be a refreshing beverage on these hot summer days as well as a staple at our barbeques and birthday parties.

    However, did you know it can create some serious issues on your health?

    • Weight
    Drinking one soda a day, which may seem harmless, actually is equivalent to consuming 39 pounds of sugar per year. The more sugar you consume the higher the risk of being overweight. By eliminating that seemingly innocent daily soda you may easily lose weight.
    • Brain
    Having too much sugar in your diet slows down the manufacturing of a chemical in your brain known as Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, or BDNF for short. BDNF helps us learn, store memories and process insulin.
    • Kidneys
    Studies have found that it only takes two soda consumptions to do a number on your kidneys. Many sodas have very high levels of phosphoric acid that has been directly linked to kidney stones and other renal problems. Diet sodas are especially known for high levels of phosphoric acid. Greater soda consumption means increased risk for kidney stones and other renal issues.
    • Digestive System
    Soda has a high level of carbonation which can cause gas, cramps, bloating, and magnify the effects of irritable bowel syndrome. Caffeine can also worsen the effects of diarrhea or contribute to constipation.
    • Bones
    High caffeine consumption has been linked to greater loss of bone density and osteoporosis, especially in women. Along with caffeine, sodas are known to contain high levels of phosphoric acid which will deplete bones of calcium overtime.
    • Heart
    A study by Harvard University found that people who drank only one can of soda per day dramatically increased their risk for chronic heart disease (CHD). Regular consumption of diet and regular soda leads to an increased risk of heart disease, such as heart attacks and stroke.
    • Lungs
    Scientists have linked soda consumption with pulmonary complications. In fact, people who consumed at least half a liter of soda a day were twice as likely to develop a lung condition like asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) compared with those who didn’t partake at all.
    • Teeth
    With every drink of soda, sugar bonds to the bacteria in your mouth giving you high levels of acid. The increased levels of acid corrode your teeth causing cavities. Soda also lowers the pH in saliva causing bacterial proliferation and dental erosion. Contrary to popular belief, diet soda is no exception.

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